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what clients say

We realise its can sometimes be a big first step to call and book your first session right now, so below are a few comments from our clients to help you make that decision.

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"I visited you in April about my nail-biting and am delighted to report I haven't bitten them since. Thanks so much! The help you gave me has inspired me to sort out a couple of things in my life" - Phil - Birmingham

"I came to see you about my nerves with the driving tests. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test last Tuesday. Since my appt with you I became so positive with my driving so thank you so much" - Judy - Birmingham

"Thanks to your advice and your cd I was calm and relaxed and passed my driving test!! Thanks for your continuous help and support" - Shaunna

"I wasn't happy being treated as a food addict by others, but Mark helped me understand it all and change my thought processes" - Sue - Bromsgrove

"thanks for sorting my mad phobia so quickly, I feel fantastic!!" - Brian - Redditch

"I wanted to thank you as my IBS has been so much better, and I feel so much more relaxed" - Claire - Alvechurch

"Mark put me so at ease so quickly - I felt great. Now I can get on with my life" - John - Redditch

"I'd tried everything without success, but this worked!" - Mrs. Green - Birmingham

"After just one session the fear of spiders was completely gone" - Joan - Birmingham

"I have been living with fear for years. I am so glad to be free of it, I feel great." - David - Sutton Coldfied

"Just one session and my phobia has gone" - Steve - Redditch

"If I had know it  would be this easy to quit smoking, I'd have booked to see Mark sooner!" - Chris - Northfield

"I though I'd tried every method of controlling my weigh with no lasting success. Mark soon fixed this and the weigh has stayed off" - Debbie

"Mark ran an NLP course for my company so I booked to seem as a one-to-one client because I knew I could trust him" - David - Warwickshire

"I had suffered with anxiety for most of my life and Mark somehow sorted it out in just two sessions" - Susan - Bromsgrove

"Wow I feel brilliant!!  Is this for real - I keep looking for the fear of flying but I can't find it anywhere!!!... How did you do it!"  - Alison, Kings Heath

"Mark fixed my fear of spiders so painlessly I can't recommend him highly enough!" - Kate, Kings Norton

"Since Mark helped me to stop smoking I've sent everybody I know to him" - John - Erdington

"the best money I ever invested, I was amazed how easy Mark helped me overcome my problem" - Joanne, Harborne

"I suffered with social phobia for so long and thought nothing could help.... Mark Did!!!" - Jane, Erdington

"Its amazing. I can now sleep without sleeping tablets for the first time in years". - Debbie, Northfield

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